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My dream? To showcase the real thai food that my mother and I used to make and sell on the streets of Bangkok.
— แม่ครัวนานา| Chef Nana

OUR MANTRA - follow the 4s of Thai cooking: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Spicy. Our menu is anchored around finding the perfect balance of these four elements. From our Bangkok street-style Pad Thai to our savoury yet mildly spicy green curry, we have found that perfect equilibrium.

OUR HOPE - to educate, showcase and tell amazing cultural stories through sharing the most authentic and time-tested Thai recipes

OUR SIGNATURES - scroll down below and check it out!


Some of Our Signatures (and favorites) —




แกงเขียวหวาน | green curry

savory green curry cooked with pumpkin, mushroom and kaffir lime leaves. a unique twist on a thai staple

แกงมัสมั่น | massaman curry

a truly unique curry - made from fresh tamarind and coconut milk, this curry is simmered with star anise and cinnamon. the end result is a creamy, thick curry that is mildly tart but also sweet and savoury.

ข้าวซอยเชียงใหม่ | chiang mai khao soi

creamy golden coconut curry soup with ultra tender beef brisket. topped with a towering deep fried egg noodle bundle, crispy shallots, pickled sour mustard and chili oil



ขนมเบื้อง | khanom buang

crispy mini crepes topped with a coconut cream meringue and shredded sweet egg yolk and served with a coconut tapioca pearl dip

ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง | pandan mango sticky rice nigiri

not your average mango sticky rice. this dessert is made with pandan infused sweet sticky rice, and shaped like a japanese nigiri. served on top of a bed of diced fresh mangos and topped with sweet coconut sauce drizzle

ดอกจอกกับพุดดิ้ง | dok jok panna cotta

crispy sesame crepe in the shape of a flower sitting on top of a creamy thai tea panna cotta. if there ever was a menu item to represent BuaBua (which means lotus in Thai), it’d be this one.